The Cross | Mark

Maintaining A Healthy Posture | Mark

Power Of Movement | Mark

Jesus Vs. Legion | Mark


God Can Use You No Matter What

Stay Focused On Jesus

Trust That God Is Always With You

God Can Do The Impossible


How To Be A Disciple

Things The Bible Never Said

Growing Healthy

Connecting With God

How To Be A Disciple

Part 1: What Is A Disciple?

Part 2: Why Should I?

Part 4: Be With Jesus

Part 5: Become Like Jesus

Part 6: Do What Jesus Does

Things the Bible Never Said

Part 1: "Only God Can Judge Me"

Part 2: "God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle"

Part 3: "Follow Your Heart"

Part 4: "God Wants You Happy"

Part 5: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"

Growing Healthy

Part 2: Faithful

Part 3: Repentant

Part 4: Understanding

Part 5: Intentional

Part 6: Tested

Connecting With God

Part 2: Approachability of God

Part 6: The Wonders of the Holy Spirit

Part 7: Practical Steps