There are three opportunities for students to get involved at Lighthouse Church – attend our student gathering, join a small group, and/or participate in Student outreach.

LH Students, grades 6-12, meets every Thursday at 6:30 pm at our Glen Burnie Campus for a time of community with one another, student worship, and a message. We can’t wait to see you there!

Student Small Groups are a place for students to hang out and talk about Jesus with one another. Small Groups take place weekly and meet at our GB Campus. Check out Fall semester Student Small Groups today!

On the third Saturday of every month students have the opportunity to participate in a Student Serve Day. Students will gather at various outreach locations each month and have the opportunity to love, build, and impact the community.






Brandon D’Costa

I was born into a Christian family, and when I was 14, I decided to turn my back on Jesus and convert to Islam. I studied everything from Hinduism, to Judaism, to Buddhism, and a lot in between, just because Christianity “didn’t make sense to me.” The truth was, I didn’t want to read God’s word, and I didn’t want to understand Him. This [LH] is the first church I came to since accepting Jesus, and I won’t lie: it’s changed me for the better. LH Students, Sunday service, and small group, it’s just been really nice having a community who will answer your questions, not judge you, and truly love you and treat you as if you’re family. I never knew the power of Jesus until very recently, after accepting Him again, and I’ll tell you, putting some of Him in your life will change you for the better in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. I remember accepting Him outside the doors of LH, and all I felt after that was love and happiness, like I was a new person. If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s you’re never too far gone to accept Jesus, and He will always love you. I’m proud to say Islam has no hold on me, and it never will again, and I belong to Jesus, forever and always!

Josh O’Donnell

As a child, I always believed there was a God, that Jesus Christ was the son of God, and I accepted what He did for me on the cross when I was 4. Throughout my childhood, I had never faced any persecution or judgment. It wasn’t until I was in 7th grade that I got into a class with an atheist, where my faith was shaken. I was the one trying to bring him to God, yet he ended up rocking my faith. I was questioning everything. I had so many questions, good questions. I didn’t know where I was with my faith, and I was in that state for a while. Fast forward to my 8th grade in March, beginning of 2020 Quarantine. It started with a little bit of boredom, so I got on my Xbox and started playing. There was nothing else to do, and I knew that, so I convinced myself why not continue playing? So every day, I would get on my Xbox for about 16 hours a day and play. I thought, “well, there is nothing else to do, so it’s fine.” This went on for about a month. Then, summer arrived. I decided to pick up my bible one day and started reading Genesis. I read a chapter every day. My faith was being restored. So then one day I thought, “Maybe LH Students isn’t that bad,” so I went. I had a great time, and I met brothers on my first night in August 2020 that I still talk to every single day. By the grace and compassion of God, I was led back to him by a small decision I made to pick up my Bible. It truly is amazing how God works. And by the way, that atheist is now in my 4th period. :)