Personality Test
I am assertive, demanding, and decisive.(Required)
I enjoy doing multiple tasks at once.(Required)
I thrive in a challenge-based environment.(Required)
I think about tasks above others or myself.(Required)
I am motivated by accomplishment and authority.(Required)
I enjoy influencing and inspiring people.(Required)
I am optimistic about others.(Required)
I tend to be the life of the party.(Required)
I think about motivating people.(Required)
I am motivated by recognition and approval.(Required)
I thrive in consistent environments over changing ones.(Required)
I prefer specifics over generalizations.(Required)
I enjoy small groups of people.(Required)
I prefer being a member of a team over leading the team.(Required)
I am motivated by stability and support.(Required)
I prefer predictability over big risks.(Required)
I love tasks, order and details.(Required)
I am right most of the time.(Required)
I comply with clearly defined rules.(Required)
I am motivated by quality and correctness.(Required)