Honduras – Sowers Family

August 6th– 13th

This will be a large team lead by Rebecca Harrison, where we will be supporting local missionaries, Allen and Trish Sowers who have been working in Honduras since 2001. This trip will be kicking off a Sister Church Sponsorship Program in which Lighthouse will begin a relationship with pastor Selvin Donaldo Quintanilla Vasquez and his church community, Iglesia de Dios where our team will be ministering to the local community in the village of Las Crucitas, 1.5 hours from the city of Gracias. We will be running a VBS program as well aiding our Sister Church, Iglesia de Dios and local school with painting, aiding in the feeding ministry and if possible a ROOF-IN-A DAY project. The trip will cost approximately $1400-1600/person which includes airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and food.


A Little bit about the Sister Sponsorship Program:

In August, Lighthouse Church will be launching this program with first, a trip to Honduras to meet our Sister Church, Iglesia de Dios, pastor and local community where we will serve them and any needs that they have at that time.

The team will then come back to the US, in which we will then launch Manna 4 Lempira through our Sister Church, on the weekend of August 19th during our normal services. What is Manna 4 Lempira? Lighthouse members will hear about how they can sponsor children from our Sister Church that we had just been ministering to the week before! This allows individuals to develop a relationship with one child in the feeding program, supplying this child with school supplies, school shoes, and a Bible, while also helping to feed as many as 50 other children – for $15 per month.

More about the Sowers:

Follow them on their blog: http://sowers4pastors.blogspot.com/search/label/child%20sponsorship%20program

More about our Sister Church and Pastor Selvin:

Pastor Selvin Donaldo Quintanilla Vasquez is married to Esigenia Funez Flores. They have four children. He graduated from our pastor training school in 2008 (he completed approximately 500 classroom hours, attending school three days a month, eight months a year, for three years).

His primary church is Iglesia de Dios, in the village of Las Crucitas (about an hour and a half from the city of Gracias), where he has 57 kids in the feeding program.  He has planted two additional churches in the past. He has been a supervisor of 16 other pastors, but he has temporarily turned that position over to someone else, in order to focus on planting a third church in Las Juntas. For the support of his family, he grows coffee on his own land (about 30 acres of coffee).

In total, there are 1200 people in the 17 churches he’s currently involved with.

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