Guatemala 2017

Guatemala – Foundations for Missions

March 18th – 25th

Join Shelley Hull and Melissa White as they form a team of 15 members to embark on a mission trip to Guatemala City along “The Tracks” to aid the local missionaries, David and Damaris Beam who work with poor families, especially helping needy children with feeding centers, child sponsorships and Christian Schools. The team will be running a vacation bible school, ministering to 325 children grades kindergarten to 9th grade. as well as helping finish painting and installing a floor in the school. The estimated cost of the trip (airfare varies) is $1200-1500/person which includes airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and food.
A little bit about the missionaries:
David and Damaris Beam met in Guatemala and married over 27 years ago. During the past few years, David and Damaris have begun a church called Ministerios Kabod, through there program, called Shack Attack, they have helped build many homes for families of squatters who live along the abandoned railroad tracks (The Tracks), and they have helped pastors establish home churches. Damaris has a very beautiful singing voice and coupled with her teaching ministry she is a blessing in many of the local churches.
The application process starts on October 30th and closes on November 9th. Once the leaders have received your application, short in-person interviews will begin and you will receive an email to sign up for a specific time. Access the mission trip application here:

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