Lighthouse is not built on the gifts of a few but on the service of many.

The MVMT Team is our volunteers who serve Jesus through working in His church. Without our volunteers, Lighthouse could not exist to the capacity it does. If you are interested in helping support the mission to reach the lost and make disciples, please sign up below! You will be then be contacted with further information about how to be a part of what Jesus is doing in Lighthouse Church.


What is MVMT?

Our MVMT (Movement) Team is our group of volunteers who serve at Lighthouse. Serving is much bigger than just helping Lighthouse. It is helping to advance God’s mission to reach the lost and make disciples in the community through His local church. Each volunteer is an essential component of Lighthouse.

How often will I volunteer?

The frequency will depend on the ministry. Some do an every other week rotation while some are less frequent but require multiple services. Please verify the schedule with the ministry leads in order to ensure you are able to join.

What if there's a conflict with my schedule?

Each volunteer is essential to create a quality atmosphere for people to hear about Jesus. Occasional schedule conflicts are understandable. However, if you have a conflict with your schedule, it is your responsibility to notify your ministry lead well in advance.

Do you do background checks?

Certain ministries, such as LH Kids, do require a background check in advance for all volunteers. Upon signing up, you will be notified if you need to complete one.

Can I serve on multiple ministries?

While serving is an extremely important part of being in a church, we ask that you limit your serving to one ministry unless approved by your team lead. It is our heart that you be fed as well by being able to sit in on a service, and that can become difficult when you are serving on multiple ministries.