Changed By Truth – 6/21/15


Scripture has the power to completely change our lives, but we must have the right attitude toward it in order to become more like Jesus. Pastor John describes the heart that we must have in order to allow Scripture to mold us and change our lives.


Parable of the Sons – 6/28/15

David Thompson

When we read the familiar parable of the prodigal son, we tend to focus on the rebellious son but often ignore his brother. David Thompson shares what we can learn from these two sons and how this parable shows how God interacts with the rebellious and self righteous.


The Reason For Discipline – 7/5/15

Gordon Smart

In the book of Numbers, we see God discipline Moses after leading the Israelites through the desert by not allowing him into the Promised Land. It’s easy to look at that as God being overly harsh, but there is a reason for all situations in which God disciplines us. Gordon Smart shares the reason for discipline and how we should view it when we endure it.


The Best Laid Plans – 7/12/15

Steve Healy

We like to control the direction of our lives. Many of us have plans for the future that we cling to. Having plans is not wrong, but we must understand that our desires don’t trump God’s plans. Steve Healy shares the perspective we should have when we look at our futures and what that means for us.


Created To Create – 7/19/15

Pastor Paul Foster

God is a creator, and we are no different. We were created to create. Pastor Paul shows how we are creators and the importance of creating on the Christian life.


Jesus is Supreme – 7/25/15

Pastor John Smart

While men and women are used throughout the Bible to accomplish great things, they are used for one reason only, to glorify God. What does it mean to glorify God and why does He seek to be glorified? Pastor John explains what it means to glorify God and how His supremacy is shown throughout Scripture.