Stand Alone Sermons

Strong – 6/11/17

Pastor John Smart

As children of God, we can have extreme courage and confidence in the midst of life’s challenges. We are called to be strong, because we serve a strong God. Pastor John shows the mindset we should have in the midst of difficulty.


Born For This – 1/29/17

Pastor Paul Foster

In the midst of the storms in our life, we have a hope. We were born to handle them. Pastor Paul examines a difficulty that the Apostle Paul faced and how Jesus can help us face the challenges in our life.


Get Happy – 1/1/17

Daniel Giddings

We all want to be happy, but we tend to look for it in the wrong places. Guest speaker Daniel Giddings kicks off the new year by looking at the true source of happiness and how we can Biblically learn how to live a life in pursuit of it.


Live By Faith – 11/13/16

Pastor Paul Foster

When we decide to follow Jesus, we must step from simple faith into dynamic faith. As we prepare to baptize 159 people who have decided to declare their life with Jesus, Pastor Paul breaks down what dynamic faith looks like and what it does in the life of the follower. 

One Nation – 11/8/16

Pastor John Smart

In the midst of an election determining our country’s future, how is the Christian supposed to think and act? Pastor John shares what our mindset should be as we deal with what is happening in our country. 

Vision Weekend – 9/11/16

Pastor Paul Foster

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” – Proverbs 29:18. Jesus is doing incredible things in LH. Pastor Paul shares the purpose that drives us, the vision that God has given us, and the people He is using to accomplish that vision. 


Divided – 7/10/16

Pastor Paul Foster

Our nation and the world around us is in disarray. With news of shootings, bombings, and the like, it can be easy to lose hope in this divided world. Pastor Paul shares where our hope lies and how we can be a light in an increasingly dark world.


Jesus At The Center – 3/27/16

Pastor Paul Foster

The stream from our Easter service where we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection and continued work in resurrecting those who were dead in their sin at the Baltimore Convention Center.


Redeeming The Time – 1/3/16

Gordon Smart

Time is a gift that we’ve been given, but with all of the urgent distractions in our lives, it can be difficult to manage it well. As we begin 2016, Gordon Smart shares how we can redeem the time that we’ve been given and overcome the urgent distractions in our lives and focus on the important priorities.