Identity in Jesus – 9/18/16

Pastor Paul Foster

In Matthew, Jesus tells us the two greatest commandments are to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. But what does it mean to love yourself? Pastor Paul unpacks how our view about ourselves can affect our relationships with God and with others and how we can be confident in how God sees us. 


God’s View Of You – 9/25/16

Pastor John Smart

Everyone struggles with a false view of themselves between what they’ve been told and what they tell themselves. But God has His own thing to say about you. Pastor John unpacks how we can stop listening to the lies of this world and how we can start listening to God’s perspective. 


Trust The Process – 10/2/16

Pastor Paul Foster

All of us are on a journey with Jesus. It’s on this journey that God makes our hearts pliable as He changes us. Pastor Paul shares the significance of this journey and how we can work with God to become more like Him.