God’s Grace To You – 7/3/16 – Glen Burnie – 5:00pm

David Thompson

A look at how the grace of God affects our lives every day in different ways.

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The Significance of God’s Grace – 7/3/16 – Glen Burnie – 8:15am

Jeff Welch

To fully grasp the grace of God we must understand the magnitude of our sin debt, God’s standard to get into heaven, and the meaning of true forgiveness.

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Understanding Grace – 7/3/16 – Glen Burnie – 10:15am

Jonathan de la Garza

We need to have a proper knowledge of what God’s grace is. Grace is important to apprehend so we can have a proper understanding of ourselves, God, and who God wants us to be.

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Grace From Me To You – 7/3/16 – Glen Burnie – 12:15pm

Paul Ridgely

Paul Ridgely unpacks what it looks like to offer grace to undeserving people so that we can help each other hold to the freedom God has called us to.

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But God Gives More – 7/3/16 – Pasadena – 10:30am

Dave Corbin

The topic of grace can be vast and nebulous, but the power of grace can speak life into existence and transform the hardest of hearts.

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