How To Pray – 1/8/17

Pastor Steve Healy

In the book of Matthew, Jesus gives us a guide for how to pray. He uses this to show us how we can relate to God as we talk with Him. Pastor Steve breaks down this outline given by Jesus to show us how we can communicate with our Creator. 


A Lifestyle of Prayer – 1/15/17

Pastor Paul Foster

Prayer is not just an action. It is a lifestyle. We have constant access to our Creator who desires to spend time with us. Pastor Paul shares the significance of this Truth and how we can establish a lifestyle of prayer.


When Prayers Go Unanswered – 1/22/17

Pastor John Smart

There are times in our lives where prayer goes unanswered and we wrestle with the “Why?” behind unanswered requests. Pastor John shares some reasons why our prayers may go unanswered and unpacks the heart that God looks for in prayer.